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Morocco - England: Towards recognizing Morocco's regional integration?

Morocco – England: Towards recognizing Morocco’s regional integration?

“The British will sooner or later recognize the unity of the territory of Morocco”: Ahmed Fouzi, a former ambassador and researcher in international relations, firmly believes this.

According to the former diplomat, “many traces confirm the desire for strong reconciliation between the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Mr. The traces that Fouci mentions are not only economic, but also political and historical.

The BBC, an “official organ of the British government”, integrated a map of Morocco into its website on Sunday before withdrawing it in its entirety. Mr. Fouci believes that only a clear and lukewarm commitment in this direction is important Foreign Office. Great Britain is certainly a European country, very sensitive to regional integrity because of its emphasis on the question of Northern Ireland in relation to its own regional integrity.

“At the beginning of the last century, long before the arrival of France, this could happen again in our economy. We must believe that our unity is fully recognized by this great country. Relations are moving in the right direction,” he continued.

Towards the Anglo-Saxon block

According to Ahmed Fouzi, Morocco’s international policy, within the framework of the diversification of partners, “unites the United States and Great Britain, the Middle East in Africa, Asia and abroad” on the Anglo-Saxon axis.

The expert on international relations believes that Morocco has evolved into a French-speaking region in a positive way. According to him, “France will be Morocco’s traditional partner. The political evolution of the country requires the diversity of partners for the benefit of all. Brexit is a golden opportunity in this direction, for Morocco and the West.

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Brexit paves the way for good relations

The agreements signed between the two kingdoms following Brexit foretell “joint military maneuvers” and Britain’s historic and strategic friendship with the United States “strengthening Moroccan-British relations.”

Mr. “The U.S. recognition of the Sahara’s Moroccan character is the first step in encouraging the UK-Saxon countries to follow suit with other countries, such as Great Britain, Australia and other Commonwealth countries, such as the United States.”

To Ahmed Fouzi, Great Britain represents one of the themes of the modern Anglo-Saxon economy. This is not an escape for Moroccan companies moving more and more towards the Anglo-Saxon world.

It “explores the markets of Morocco, invests and finances and brings back new technologies”. This diversification will not lead to the denial of traditional allies such as France and Spain. Instead, it aims to create a new movement between the West, Morocco and Africa, ”our speaker underlined.

According to him, Great Britain’s exit from the European Union is heading in the direction of the evolution of Morocco’s foreign policy, which has always signaled the unity of its national territory.

The former ambassador also recalled the agreement signed with Great Britain after Brexit, recognizing that all products from the Sahara were free to enter the UK. “This is a big step in the right direction,” he said.

In addition, the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union created a great demand for manpower. Mr. According to several testimonies announced by Fouci, many companies are facing difficulties in recruiting. According to our correspondent, “Morocco must have been one of the first to anticipate and respond to this British request.

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September 5, 2021 at 9:03 p.m.

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