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More than 220 kilograms of dog food was stolen from the shelter

More than 220 kilograms of dog food was stolen from the shelter

Nearly 500 pounds of donated dog food was stolen at the Cherished Friends animal shelter in Germansville, Pennsylvania.

This food was used to feed more than a dozen animals, many of which belonged to an adoptive family, CNN reported.

Liz Jones, an employee at the shelter, said she learned of the theft when someone came to get food for their dogs and found themselves in front of an empty refrigerator.

“It was sad,” she shares. Sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday, someone who thought they needed it more than us took it all. I can only hope they did that because they needed to so badly because these are difficult times right now.

Since then, other area shelters have sent food to dear friends while they wait for more donations.

Ms. Jones believes the person who committed this crime must have known minimally about the shelter’s work, given that the theft occurred less than 24 hours after the shelter received its donations.

“It has to be someone who knows a little about this,” she said. Now we can continue and we are lucky that some people are helping us.”

No suspects have been arrested in this case.

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