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More than 2,000 Govt cases have been reported in Victoria

More than 2,000 Govt cases have been reported in Victoria

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The state of Victoria in Australia, the country’s second most populous state, surpassed 2,000 on Thursday for the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic as vaccination rates set targets.

Authorities in the Melbourne capital, Victoria, have detected 2,297 local outbreaks in the past 24 hours, an increase of 700 cases from the previous day and the highest single-day outbreak in the Australian state since the beginning. The state has been under control for several weeks and the city of Melbourne is under the sixth chapter of its control. The metropolis also holds the record for the longest imprisonment of a city in the world.

However, Victoria’s approaching goal is to have restrictions gradually lifted once the government reaches the 70% vaccination rate for eligible people. As of Wednesday, 61.5% of the eligible population had been fully vaccinated and 86.7% had already received the first dose of the vaccine.

The number of cases in Victoria is more recent than in the neighboring state of New South Wales, the country has a larger population, although it has already begun its restructuring, while 70% of eligible people are now vaccinated there. Against Govt-19. In the state, which is the capital of Sydney, 406 new infections were identified on Thursday, confirming the decline in the disease in this vast area in the southeast of the country.

Across Australia, 65% of people over the age of 16 are now vaccinated with two doses and 83% with two doses.

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