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More than 20 cats rescued from a “nightmare” in Pennsylvania

More than 20 cats rescued from a “nightmare” in Pennsylvania

More than 20 cats have been rescued from distressing conditions in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

The 9th Life Saving Center said it found 26 cats in a house, a horrific case, they said. Two people died after being rescued, as well as those who did not make it out alive, the organization wrote in a “appeal for help” on Facebook.

The nonprofit said the cats were emaciated, dehydrated and hungry.

“Some had urine burns on their feet, rotten teeth, flea dermatitis, open sores from fighting or walking injuries. They were all infested with fleas to the point of being anemic,” one could read on Facebook.

The organization said no food, water or bedding was found in the house. Pictures posted on social media showed the house covered in rubbish.

They said their medical bill would almost certainly be “more than a thousand dollars.” They are also looking for foster families for the cats as well as a family for a dog who was also found indoors.

“The shelter was full, but Fayette County has virtually no animal resources,” the Animal Rescue Society wrote.

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