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More than 122,000 cases in 24 hours in the UK

More than 122,000 cases in 24 hours in the UK

Faced with the meteoric spread of the Omigron variant, the United Kingdom on Friday recorded more than 122,000 additional COVID-19 cases, a new record since the outbreak began.

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The country, one of the most affected by the epidemic in Europe, recorded 137 additional deaths in 24 hours – a total of 147,857 – but was added to 1,171 hospitals, a data that, when closely monitored, remained slightly unchanged. For now.

Every country in the UK is responsible for health matters. So far, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland have announced stricter restrictions that are set to take effect after Christmas.

In the case of the UK, Boris Johnson’s government has relied on studies that show a lower risk of hospitalization by the Omicron variant compared to the delta that dominated until recently.

However, despite the low risk of the severe form, officials fear that the high number of patients is putting undue pressure on the hospital system.

Welcoming the study as “a beacon of hope for Christmas”, Jenny Harris, director of the British Institute for Health Care, explained that the authorities were monitoring the impact of the epidemic on hospitals, but on society as a whole, especially on workers.

In London, it is estimated that one in 20 people had COVID-19 a week ago. Many sectors are now severely affected, resulting in business closures and cancellations of traffic.

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