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More seasonal workers are fleeing to the United States

More seasonal workers are fleeing to the United States

Two Guatemalan workers have fled the farm they hired for the summer in Beaconcore in central-to-Quebec to travel to the United States on Saturday, which is increasingly important in one region.

Every week at least one foreign worker travels south of the border from Quebec, hoping to improve their living conditions there.

Thus immigrants want to reach states like Texas or California where many Guatemalan communities are located.

Four Guatemalan workers left a berry farm they worked for in L’Oreal last week. The men paid $ 5,000 each to a kidnapper.

Once in the United States, three of them were soon arrested by U.S. authorities. Only one was able to escape.

“They did not know where they were. They crossed a mountain, a river somewhere, they found themselves on the American side, they were arrested in a small village,” said Michael Pylon of the Quebec Migrant Agricultural Workers’ Network.

“It simply came to our notice then. In principle, someone had to come and take them from the other side, and he never came, ”he said. Pylon.

All three workers were brought back to the Canadian border and are currently separated at a hotel in Dorval. They applied for refugee status, which would allow them to immigrate to Canada and eventually bring their loved ones back.

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