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More incognito private browsing thanks to your finger

Google Chrome introduces a new option on Android (and already available on iOS) to protect private browsing tabs opened on the browser with fingerprint authentication.

Google Chrome Private Browsing logo

on me Google Chromeas in others Internet browsersthe private navigation – Also called incognito mode – a well known feature. It allows you to visit websites without this activity appearing in the history or generating other browsing data.

Without making a joke about it, we can think of people who want to consult products on merchant websites without it affecting the ads they might see online. Or run a Google search on a specific topic without the search engine marking it as an area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest to push into its own news or discovery section.

In short, Incognito mode is a tool for those who want to make sure that a minimum level of secrecy is maintained. in this context, Google advances New option on Chrome for Android to enable fingerprint authentication to resume interrupted private browsing.

Google Chrome: Enable fingerprint for private browsing

This feature is already on iOS and is currently being rolled out to Android. To see if you benefit from it, here’s how to proceed:

  • Click on the three dots at the top right;
  • Enter Settings;
  • Determination Privacy and security;
  • See if you have an option like “Lock incognito tabs when you quit ChromeIf so, enable it.

So if you interrupt a private browsing session and reopen the browser, the browser will only allow you access to the left incognito tabs if it recognizes the correct fingerprint.

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Google retracted this information amid another small tip on the occasion of European Personal Data Protection Day. An especially good opportunity to be reminded of the importance Password managers where Good feedback to secure your devices.

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