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More bad news for the actor after he was left out of the Oscars

More bad news for the actor after he was left out of the Oscars

Since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face at the 2022 Academy Awards, Will Smith has gone from bad news to bad news. The actor just lost a lucrative contract with Netflix to continue a great movie.

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We will only remember that. During the Academy Awards ceremony held on the night of March 27-28, 2022, will Smith He went on stage Slap on comedian Chris Rock After this last He mocked his wife’s vixenAnd Jada Pinkett Smith. If the latter prefers it “Do not physically attack the Master of Ceremonies”And Will Smith must now bear the consequences of his gesture. It was especially Banished from the party for ten yearsOn March 27, he may have won his first and last Academy Award in the Best Actor category. “For ten years, Mr. Smith will not be permitted to attend Academy events or radio programs, either in person or virtually, including the Academy Awards.”The president of the academy explained in a letter he received People. That’s not all: the actor’s reputation has taken a hit and it seems that film producers owe him a heavy debt for his act.

Was the contract between Netflix and Will Smith definitely broken?

as revealed CBRNetflix decided to put an end to the production of the continuation shining, a fictional film in which Will Smith played one of the main roles. According to Bloomberg journalist Lucas Shaw, this decision will not be related to the incident that occurred during the Oscars, but there is reason to be skeptical. And for good reason, At the same time, Netflix decided to expel the actor from filming fast and loosewhen he was going to play the main role. These aren’t the only projects canceled or put on standby that Will Smith was scheduled to play in…

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Will Smith punishes: Will he be able to play in a sequel bad boys ?

Since the slap he slapped Chris Rock, the producers seem to be turning their backs on him, even those he’s worked with for years. This is especially the case for photo studios, which at the moment prefer not to comment on a project Badboys 4. The text of the new part was sent to him, but then Sony decided to change his mind. The project is currently suspended. Will Smith has not publicly reacted to this decision.

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