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More and more Quebecers are being targeted by identity fraud

More and more Quebecers are being targeted by identity fraud

Online fraud continues to rise in the province, particularly with regard to identity fraud, a situation that increasingly worries Quebecers, according to a recent survey. intercourse.

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Nearly 40% of Quebecers surveyed indicated that they encounter identity fraudsters at least once a week.

Just over one in four Quebecers (28%) were the target of a fraud attempt that used certain personal data, such as name (65%), address (32%) or date of birth (13%).

“This survey shows us that in order to manage their lives on the web, many people have had to take risks that could make them more vulnerable to cybercriminals trying to get their data online and then use it to trap others,” said Rachel Jolicour, director of fraud prevention and strategy at Interac Corp.

The vast majority of respondents (84%) felt they did not have enough information about how to protect identity data online. In this regard, 91% of Quebec respondents want governments to take action against this type of fraud.

The survey was conducted by Hill + Knowlton Strategies on behalf of Interac Corp. Out of 1,700 adults residing in Canada in February 2022.

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