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Montréjeau: Above the materials in the space of André Marquerie

Montréjeau: Above the materials in the space of André Marquerie

Vero Marchand, visual ceramics maker, and Alex Royce, contemporary mosaic artist, present a joint exhibition, on topics. Marie Francoise Francken, wool spinner, also takes part in this exhibition.

At the beginning of this exhibition: spindle worm (disc-shaped body, perforated with a central hole, the weight of which ensures uniform rotation of the spinning spindle by hand), It was found during the last excavations in the summer of 2021, opposite the monastery of Saint-Just, in Valcabrere. This tiny little thing connects our three professions, connects antiquity and the present, by turning to the thread, the rope Vero and Alex trust.

The thing that leads to another is the weaving of encounters.

Vero Marchand after doing some research on earlier tools, extrapolates, magnifies, and reduces the size of these objects, and creates a collection of sandstone and porcelain sculptures, embellished with her world of prints, interlocking, with multiple facets.

Alex Royce, as a mosaic artist, works with very different and unexpected materials. The creations are inspired by proverbs about spinning, the origin of wool and knitting patterns.

Marie-Françoise Francken will be showing her Spinning Wheel and Spindle on Thursday, June 6th from 2-5pm. You will connect the three trades through their own spinning.

Contact for visits or internships:

Ferro: 06 14 33 39 86 – Alexandria: 07 85 19 97 85 –

Tourist information office 6 rue du Barry. 05 62 00 79 55. The exhibition is visible until June 29.