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Montreal-Trudeau Airport: first dose of vaccine for foreign workers

Montreal-Trudeau Airport: first dose of vaccine for foreign workers

Temporary foreign workers will be able to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they arrive on Canadian soil at Montreal Trudeau International Airport.

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“Since temporary foreign workers in the agricultural sector are essential workers in environments at risk of an outbreak, it was imperative to find a way to quickly supply them with the vaccine. André Lamontani, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, said in a press release on Monday that thousands of them will arrive in weeks. Next to lend a helping hand to the agri-food sector in Quebec.

Consequently, approximately 2,275 foreign workers should be eligible for this initiative, with teams expecting 13 trips during the month of June.

The Minister of International Relations and Francophonie and the Minister of Immigration, Francophonie and Integration emphasized: “Everything has been set up to provide them with relevant information and facilitate the vaccination process, especially through a translation system that will facilitate the registration and evaluation of workers.” Nadine Girrault.

However, only temporary foreign workers who arrive on charter flights are affected by this offer. They will be able to receive their second dose in their host area this summer.

A team from the Direction régionale de santé public de Montréal will be posted on site for each excursion.

“Access to vaccination is a critical factor, and since the start of this major vaccination process, we have seen in the field a real desire on the part of companies to work in coordination with the health and social services network to adapt the offer,” added Christian Dube, Minister of Health and Social Services.

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