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Montreal troupe nominee ordered to pay $135,000 for previous conquests

Montreal troupe nominee ordered to pay $135,000 for previous conquests

The Montreal LaSalle-area group candidate, Juan Méndez, has been sentenced in the past to pay nearly $135,000 for romantic conquests that would have loaned him money to pay for his luxurious lifestyle.

Juan Mendes is a former professional basketball player who previously participated in prep training with the Toronto Raptors in 2005. According to his Facebook account, he has worked as a coach for Team Quebec and at McGill University.

His nomination as a council member for the Salt-St. Louis area was announced in early October by Dennis Couder’s team.

“Given my long and successful basketball career, I believe I have the experience and passion to lead either of them [sic] A project, challenge, or company I’m a part of,” he writes in particular on Facebook.

According to judgments consulted by our FBI, Mendez has already been ordered to pay more than $130,000 to two women with whom he allegedly had a personal relationship.

In 2012, he was ordered to pay $28,869 to a woman named Melanie Lachin.

According to his allegations, the latter transferred sums to Mendez while he was in the Dominican Republic.

She also allegedly paid him cell phone bills, rented a car at his expense, and paid hotel and plane bills.

Judge Chantal Sirois, of the Quebec Court, said in her ruling that Lachine clearly substantiated his allegations.

“This is not the first time that a defendant has borrowed money from a woman and refused or neglected to repay her,” she said.

Another woman, Mary Tay, claimed in another lawsuit that Mendes would have maintained a luxurious lifestyle.

He would have spent on travel and paid for his car instead of compensating for it.

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The latter demanded about $106,000 from him, with a debt acknowledgment to support him. She allegedly had a personal relationship with Mendez, according to her allegations. The judgment in absentia was issued in favor of the Public Prosecutor in 2011.

The Range Rover was up for sale for about $40,000 and was the subject of a forfeiture procedure.

That’s not all, because the name of the Ensemble Montreal nominee also appears in unpaid rent legal proceedings, as we’ve seen. In one, a judge in 2012 authorized the change of all the locks in the building where he was living.

After being notified of the situation for several days and invited for comment, the communications team at Ensemble Montreal still did not react last night.