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Montreal ranks 32nd according to sports model

Montreal ranks 32nd according to sports model

Kent Hughes, when he took office, said that The Canadian was last in the ranking, but first in Cap Friendly. It got people to react because… it’s so true.

and there, Dom Luszczyszyn, an expert in advanced statistics from The Athletic, came to the same conclusion. In his eyes, the Canadian currently has the 32nd worst salary package in the NHL. It was ranked 19 a year ago.

For reference purposes, please note that rating has been made By the same man who ranked Nick Suzuki among the 10 worst decades in the NHL. He uses a model that is based on predictions and on cost per win, which means we have to take some and leave because his model is based only on statistics and not on an eye test.

Since CH is pocketable, has dead money and spends a lot, it is naturally very low, though. The hypothesis is correct.

Évidemment, ce n’est donc pas un système parfait, mais on remarque que chez les attaquants (qui ne sont pas sur un contrat d’entrée), seul Rem Pitlick a la note de au niveau des attaquants qui en donneront pour gent this year. He just got it.

It is the only one that is not in red in terms of intake. Thus it is the only one for which CH gets its monetary value, depending on the model.

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(credit: sportsman)

However, it must be remembered that the entire season of Martin St. Louis will change the game.

But when we read the description it reminds us of how advanced statistics are a tool rather than the complete answer. After all, the reporter talked about Suzuki’s contract saying he agreed it didn’t belong in the 10 worst contracts in the NHL.

He’s heard comments that Suzuki isn’t even the worst contract on his team, and he’s replied that Josh Anderson is close to Suzuki’s statistic too.

Brendan Gallagher, didn’t he feel that way? Mike Hoffman? Christian Dvorak? Joel Jeremiah? No, since the model is about Josh Anderson, one of the most in-demand players in the NHL.

That’s why I say an eye exam is important. Because no, stats don’t mean everything and it’s important to watch what happens on the ice and not just take the advanced stats form.

Warning: not everything is wrong with the athlete’s model, but the nuances need to be worked out.

After all, why is everyone saying CH’s defense will be the club’s weakest link…but half of the eligible defenders have the pass mark while only one striker will give CH his money’s worth in 2022-2023?

It’s all in nuance since no, CH won’t be as good this year… but many players will give the Canadian his money’s worth. And Nick Suzuki wouldn’t be among the worst contracts in the NHL.

Many of

– Men love Minnesota.

– Good deal.

A hard blow in Toronto.