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Montreal: Dozens protest against curfew

Montreal: Dozens protest against curfew

Dozens of people gathered in Old Montreal on Sunday evening to protest the 9:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. curfew in the capital.

A crowd of demonstrators gathered near the old port, where many people set off fireworks chanting “Freedom”, to express their dissatisfaction with the new measures taken by the Legault government.

Some individuals also set fire to garbage bins at the Place Jacques-Cartier, located across from the Old Port and City Hall, causing large clouds of smoke in the area.

The bulk of the gathering was dispersed in several places when police officers from the City Police Department of Montreal (SPVM) arrived at the scene.

Former mayor and candidate for the upcoming municipal elections, Dennis Coudry, sent a call for calm on his Twitter account, where he shared a post from the Insimble Montreal party.

“We are very concerned about the events currently taking place in the Old Port of Montreal. We call on all protesters to calm down. Chaos will not change the special period we are facing, “you can read on the party’s Twitter page.

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