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“Montembolt is starting to look like me!”

Of all the NHL goaltenders who have seen more than three games since January 3, Samuel Montembeault is doing very well.

He ranks second in save percentage and fifth in goals against average. All this while CH is far from being a leading team.

During an interview alongside Elisabeth Rancourt and Eric Vichaud, our analyst and former NHL goaltender Jean-Sebastien Geiger went out there Wednesday night with a surprising statement regarding the CH goalie.

Watch the full clip in the main video.

“He’s starting to look like me!” Cerberus shoots the former duck from the start, prompting many laughs from the group.

“When you want to know if a goalkeeper is in control, you have to look to see if the puck will stick to him. In recent years, Samuel has made a lot of comments. But in the last five games, that hasn’t really been the case. I’m happy Seeing him perform like this, because he’s a guy who fights a lot. Sometimes he has trouble letting go of quick targets, but he doesn’t give up.”

Giguère concluded on a somewhat conservative, yet encouraging note for Montembeault’s potential.

“For me, he’s officially in the top 62 goalkeepers in the world. He’ll always find a job if he’s looking for a job. Maybe not like No. 1, but he’s definitely a good No. 2 for me. He needed a little more time than others, but we know That from now on he should have a good career.