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Montauban.  Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Fête de la Science at Lycée Capo

Montauban. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Fête de la Science at Lycée Capo

On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Science Festival, the École Lycée Agricole Capo Montauban hosted Mathieu Puget from the “Science Comedy Show” on Thursday 14 October.

A group of researchers who had the brilliant idea of ​​dealing with humor and hindsight and transforming the world of the scientific field by making delicious onstage sketches full of meaning.

Matthew Puget intervened before the students in two stages: the first of each general and technology second class, as well as the second professional class “Services to People and Territories” met with the artist scholar in the high school amphitheater.

Mathieu, “peddler of science”

An opportunity to organize an exchange and animation about the everyday life of a scientist. So he proposed a didactic test on ideas received in science, and he was highly appreciated by the pupils.

Then, starting at noon for all seasons, Matthew Puget turned into a “science peddler” in front of the establishment’s 30-minute self-service.

He challenged high school students to share stories that blend science, movies, and series through a card game designed and produced to get people to think and ask themselves about science in a fun way. The goal was to surprise and challenge young people and create a distinctive moment of engagement and dialogue around the same curiosity, the same passion: scientific discovery and its tendency to question.

The intervention was a resounding success with the students: “It was really cool,” asserts one of them, who is still under the influence of this approach in the less-recognized world of science, but will have a time in the day, marked by high school spirits.

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