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Montauban.  Alex Sol, a young autistic writer with a passion for science fiction

Montauban. Alex Sol, a young autistic writer with a passion for science fiction

Originally from Montauban, the young author of SFFF (sci-fi, fantasy, fantasy) novels embarked on a literary adventure 3 years ago. With the specifics of Asperger syndrome. Meet Alex Sol.

Installed on the terrace of a café on the Allée de l’Empereur level, Alex Sol enjoys the last rays of the autumn sun, like any of the Montalbanais that day. With one difference, she devours the latest book by Stephen King, one of her favorite authors.

And like the American best-selling writer, the 32-year-old has a great way of approaching horror stories, such as fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, or thrillers. The areas she was passionate about from an early age, and which she is even obsessed with.

This excellent knowledge of being close to the author’s heart in the name of the pen is a characteristic of people with Asperger’s syndrome, an autism with which she was diagnosed two years ago. An ad that changed his life and career.

“I get the impression that I’m next door, that I live in a lane”

Melanie, by her first name, is open about Asperger’s syndrome, even if she prefers to refer to herself as a recluse. She testifies: “This is not a disease. It is a developmental disorder that affects the brain, and is defined by difficulties in social or emotional interaction.”

However, several years passed before tests were conducted with some specialists. “As I get older, I realize that this is not normal. I have the impression that I am next door, that I live in a hallway while everyone else is out,” she said, captivating the woman, who suffered from burnout at the time of her diagnosis in 2020.

A year and a half later, Montalbanaise was positive about her situation: “I tell myself, it doesn’t matter. I’ve learned to know myself better and to assert myself better in life.” In particular by venturing into the field of the fifth art, his lifelong dream.

Literature as therapy

2019 marks the beginning of a new life for Alex Sol, having written many anecdotes and stories as a teenager, studied publishing, and worked as a store manager.

Within 3 years, she was able to publish six self-publishing books on her favorite topics. And each time with some specificity: “Often in my novels there is an autistic character. It is important for me to describe in modesty everything that autism represents every day.”

Thirty Shi does not hesitate to share her daily life as an autistic writer on social media. “I love to exchange with my readers how to write letters on the Internet,” she jokes. And who knows, why they never received a congratulatory message on their phone from Stephen King.

She publishes a horror novel before Halloween

In her sixth book, author Alex Sol of Montalbanese decided to embark on the topic of the paranormal with “You Are Warmly Invited.”
A thriller that tells the story of four childhood friends who find themselves trapped in a mansion. After 12 years of a Dirty Fire story, the characters persistently receive an invitation with the same phrase: “You are warmly invited.”

“It’s a scary story, and perfect for the Halloween atmosphere. I highly advise against doing this for kids,” Alex Sol smiles. Before continuing: “Many Tarn-et-Garonnais will probably recognize the château, for I am inspired by the organized colonies of the castle of Loubéjac, at L’Honor-de-Cos.”

His latest book is one of the best beginnings of his young career, having racked up more than 700 sales in two months. Evidence that the paranormal business operates in libraries as well as in cinemas.

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