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Monitoring RSS feeds becomes more accurate

Monitoring RSS feeds becomes more accurate

For Chrome on Android, Google announced in May a beta feature to allow users to follow the latest content from their favorite sites. It is based on the open web RSS standard used by the defunct Google Reader news feed.

This feature is still experimental, and it is growing with its presence in the flags of the current stable version of Google Chrome for Android. Science chrome://flags/#web-feed It is activated.

If necessary, the Site Monitor button will likely appear in the browser’s three-dot menu. In a new tab, the contents of the monitored sites are grouped in the form of maps taking into account the corresponding URL of the RSS feed.

Experimental functionality is not always satisfactory depending on the sites. Moreover, it is not a complete RSS reader. It is planned to be implemented with Chrome for iOS, as well as Google Chrome on computers, but at a later time.

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