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Money Laundering: Cryptocurrency Seizure Registration in the UK

Money Laundering: Cryptocurrency Seizure Registration in the UK

London | Police in London say they have seized the largest cryptocurrency in the UK worth more than 130 million euros.

Detectives specializing in money laundering are valued at 114 million pounds (132.7 million euros), according to police.

He said the move was based on information related to the transfer of criminal assets.

“Money is still king, but as technology and online sites develop, some people follow sophisticated methods of swindling their profits. But we have highly trained officers and specialized units working day and night to advance the game,” Assistant Commissioner Graham McNulty said in a statement Thursday evening. Said.

In 2020/21, the London Police confiscated $ 47 million (approximately m 55 million) from criminals.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are regularly criticized by regulators for their illegal use because of the anonymity they allow and their simplicity of use.

According to a Sinolysis report in February, cryptocurrency transactions for illicit purposes reached $ 10 billion by 2020, or 1% of total cryptocurrency activity last year and more than the previous year. When these activities reached a record high of $ 21.4 billion.

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