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Monet Chun | An ordinary email, a unique opportunity

It was a letter in his mailbox. one of several. This one, exceptionally well, came from Augusta National. Opening it like a box found on a shipwreck, golfer Monet Chun has just found her treasure.

She was on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Harbor when she got an alert on her phone. This email informed her that she was part of the guest pre-selection to play in the Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship. The female counterpart in the Masters tournament.

The official invitation to send an expulsion arrived at the university a few weeks later.

For anyone who has ever gotten down on their knees to read Putting or Putting on a Tee, getting into the most famous golf club in the world is a dream come true. Fantasy, in fact, of ordinary mortals. But not for Monet Chun. For her, that would soon be a reality.

Hence, the golfer from Richmond Hills, Ontario will be visiting the American Temple of Golf for the first time. “It means a lot. They pick a few players from among the best amateur players in the world. If you get picked to play there it’s phenomenal,” says the kinesiology student over the phone at the end of the course.

Amazing year

The 22-year-old athlete, whose date of birth is palindrome, is 1any January 2001, he will appear in “one of the most prestigious amateur tournaments” to dazzle the show. She refuses to play extras and be affected by the scale of the event.

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Monet Chun is used to living up to expectations under pressure. This is why it represents one of the most prestigious projects in Canadian golf. His year 2022 was amazing. It’s enough to tip the scales and push it to the top sooner than expected, she says.

I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in golf. Since I was young, I know I can believe in a professional career. I probably didn’t expect to be so successful so quickly.

Monet Chun, golfer

Last year, she won the college championship in the Big Ten, the division in which her Michigan Wolverines play. She also won the Canadian Women’s Amateur, as well as finishing second at the US Open Amateur. A year earlier, she was selected to the Big Ten All-Star First Team, and was also named Rookie of the Year. This season, in five tournaments, she has maintained an average score of 73.40 per round.

“I think I handle playing in the big tournaments really well. It’s helped me over the past few years. I’m going to try to keep the same routine. It’s obviously going to be a different environment, but we’ll have to take advantage of every moment to come out of it stronger,” she explains of her concerns about the tournament, which It was held in Georgia from the 29th to the 1st of March.any April.

Image from Golf Canada’s Twitter account

Monet Chun won the Canadian Women’s Amateur last summer.

American experience

The Ontario native landed at the University of Michigan because she was seduced by its culture. “It’s everything,” she says.

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The university is known for its athletic excellence. Her reputation precedes her. In the past, the Wolverines have featured hockey, swimming, gymnastics and, of course, soccer, which is a campus religion. Every game played at Michigan Stadium, the largest stadium in the United States, takes the form of a block, which brings together 107,601 loyalists.

“It’s exceptional! I go to all the rides when I’m available. It’s quite a crazy experience. It’s part of the culture here and there are so many people that it gets really warm when it’s cold. You can’t understand until you live it,” Chun says.

The golfer still talks about this unique culture, about the “Quality Program”.

She is proud to wear the big yellow “M” on her polo shirts, because she knows that behind that capital letter lies a rich and glorious history.

“It is inspiring to see that there have been athletes in my position who have achieved success. It is good for confidence and it excites me when I know that we can also dream of achieving a lot of success. It is a complete and nourishing experience.”

It is now up to her to create her own story and become part of this sports program’s legend. Being able to haul your golf bag around arguably the most iconic course of all is a great start. So one day Monet’s letter “M” will be written in gold and in capital letters.