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Mondo Sweets innovates |  VAT news

Mondo Sweets innovates | VAT news

Faced with labor shortages, Mondo in Quebec had to reinvent itself to further develop.

Mondoux sells more than 3,500 tons of sweets every year. This dessert is shipped “everywhere in Canada, we have a distribution network in Quebec and we deliver all over Quebec,” said Lilia Abdel-Rahman, planning director at Confiserie Mondoux.

It’s a surprising phenomenon, but the pandemic has led to excessive growth in candy sales.

In fact, the pandemic has caused consumers to consume more candy. Mrs. Abdel Rahman said: We had to open another shift to be able to meet the demand.

The company faces many challenges, in particular, the shortage of manpower, which affects the entire region.

“It’s been clear for some time that it was really the level of staffing, the scarcity of labor, the stability to keep the staff as well, and on the other hand, we also have an increase in raw materials, to make candy,” she added.

It is a program that has allowed the company to do more, and to overcome the shortage of employees.

“Essentially here, we have the performance of the machines in real time, what the employees really appreciate is the fact that they are aware of that, so a knowledgeable employee is involved, so that he can see these results in time. Real”, explained Mathieu Bellon, Director of Confiserie Mondoux.

Find the full Confiserie Mondoux report in the video above.

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