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Mona de Grenoble wins “Big Brother Celebrities” award

Tennessee has legislated against the representation of drag queens on its territory, but don’t worry, in Quebec, Mona de Grenoble won the third edition of the reality show “Big Brother Celebrities.”

Mona from Grenoble was favored over her “great friend” Liliane Blanco-Bennett – with whom she met in the second two places – by the jury consisting of Coco Bellevue, Nathalie Choquet, Corinne Coté, Jimmy Echaquan-Dube, Marie-Christine Lavoie and Marianne Verville, on Sunday evening, in Nouveau.

Mona de Grenoble, a crowd favorite, won the grand prize of $100,000, of which $25,000 would go to Interligne. This organization provides members of the LGBTQ2+ community with a night line to listen to and support them in getting better. Interligne Nightline, formerly Gai Listening, as many know it is threatened with closure in the medium term due to repeated funding shortfalls.

“the last confession”

Next Sunday, BBC reality TV devotees won’t want to miss the special “Big Brother Celebrities: the Last Confessional,” which will bring together the 16 entrants for the 2023 edition. Then we’ll get to know the audience’s beloved celebrities. Novo said a record number of votes have been cast this year for the award, which will be worth $5,000 to the winner.

Fourth season with Mary Mae

Mary Mae will be back next winter at Novo to audition for Season 4 of “Big Brother Celebrities.” This version was the most watched program on the channel during the cold season.