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Moderate weaknesses in dozens of languages ​​outside the United States

Moderate weaknesses in dozens of languages ​​outside the United States

Alexander Picard

Released today at 1:00 pm, updated at 1:14 pm.

How can an Afghan user report to Facebook to remove hateful content? The task is not easy, because the interface to Pashto and Tari, two of the thirty major languages ​​spoken in the country, is very poorly translated, the employee of the social network regrets. “In a country like Afghanistan, the proportion of the population that understands English is very small, which ensures that the system is flawless in translation and, at the very least, seems to be very important.”, Especially since Facebook, he writes “The country’s first social network”.

Extract from one of the anonymous documents sent to the US Congress highlighting the failures of Facebook neutrality in Afghanistan.

This excerpt is taken from the January 2021 note on Afghanistan. It was one of thousands of pages of internal Facebook documents recovered by former employee Francis Hagen, who left Facebook in May 2021, and was sent to several media outlets by a US parliamentary source. The world. These files are presentations, reports and reviews conducted by members of the Facebook “Integrity” team, which is responsible for ensuring the security of the site.

These documents provide a rare insight into the engine of the world’s leading social networking site, with 2.9 billion users, 90% of whom are outside the United States. These files reveal some of the shortcomings of American companies, one of the main ones related to its international operations: dozens of languages ​​and countries sometimes in danger or conflict, security and moderate systems, human and automated, not enough.

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“40% fake accounts” in West Bengal

“Today, Facebook does not treat the United States and the rest of the world equally. Francis condemns Hogan. The company is hypocritical because it does not invest in adequate security measures for all non-English speaking users. “ “The weakest countries have the least secure version of Facebook”, Whistle adds.

Incidentally, this observation was extended by the brand new Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa. “Facebook prefers to spread angry and hateful lies over facts”The Philippine journalist rated on October 9th. These statements are in addition First series of articles from The Wall Street Journal Among the mistakes of Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram, it pushed the company into the worst political crisis since 2018, when it was revealed Cambridge Analytica, Donald Trump’s campaign provider, Was able to access millions of profiles.

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