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MMORPG Elyon offers 100 keys for exclusive installation

MMORPG Elyon offers 100 keys for exclusive installation

It’s even a red parrot

To celebrate its new release MMORPG Elyon I decided for you Show 100 keys To unlock an exclusive stand: a red parrot Which will allow you to fart as well as it should be in this free to play Who is the It opens its servers at 4 pm..

in Eleon, Magic and technology come together While Factions are fighting for world domination. Game progress dynamic battles Which reminds us of the new world.

But unlike in the New World, you can have a stand to move faster. NS Get the Red Parrot MountainJust click the button below.

Know that in parallel, Twitch Drops are organized to launch Elyon and you can collect the following things:

  • View growth support box (3 hours of watching)
    • Tiger Combat Potion
    • Mana experience: 1,000 (for a limited time)
    • Magic Stone Box
  • Stock Slot Extension +8 (6 hours watched)
  • winged winged flight suit (9 watch hours)

Participants can also take advantage of the random bonus reward thanks to Dropbox stream For the duration of the event, giving a chance to get a new reward every day.

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