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MMA: Who is "The Beast" Fierot, the French woman who never stopped winning in America?

MMA: Who is “The Beast” Fierot, the French woman who never stopped winning in America?

This time, she failed to accomplish her goal: to win by KO and equal the record of Christian Justino, one of the main fighters of the round, as he folded his opponent and finished three fights. Corn French Manon Fierrod This Saturday in Las Vegas, during the fight against Brazilian Mera Bueno Silva, he reached the essentials by signing a new victory. l’UFC, Followed by a third, by consensus (30-26, 30-27, 30-27). The face-to-face meeting was initially scheduled for September 25, but was postponed due to contamination with Govt-19.

Strong in all three rounds, we have not yet been defeated since we nicknamed it “The Beast” Of the global MMA elite, Giving the appearance of being able to go even further, without actually showing signs of weakness. “I was a little disappointed in my fight,” the 31-year-old Ninois declared, however, after she crashed into the RMC Sport 2’s microphone, I wasn’t in it but I won. It was a beautiful battle. “

She longed for the snow rather than the cage

Following her first victory at the UFC against American Victoria Leonardo last January, a feat never achieved by a French woman, Manon Fierrod came a little closer to the top 15 in her division and fought for the belt. “I will try to fight until I am 35. The goal is to get the belt as soon as possible and secure it once,” he said recently. In Western France.

The best goals for the wrestler’s daughter have long been to prefer mountains over cages. French youth snowboard champion, fighter owes a lot to this discipline. “She brought me heart, body, but creativity. In the mountains, we find statistics. At MMA, the same thing, I like to do acrobatic shots. It reminds me of this page where you can do whatever you want,” he added, still in the regional newspaper.

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Discovered by a reality TV show

Manan Fierot, who did not start Mixed martial arts Than 2016, experienced an exceptional increase. Last June, he explained to the Parisians Discovered by a reality show in South Africa. In 2019, I was asked to attend an event in Johannesburg: Militant. We had a dozen women crammed into a center, not because they were singing songs to each other, but because we were challenged by our legs and our fists. At the end of the season and two months later, there was only one winner: I! This will help her to coordinate with the UFC, the famous American league, compared to the “Champions League in football”.

The French fighter who captured the United States, living off his game today, shared his daily life on his YouTube channel “The Beast Fierot” for a few months so he could always dream of a world title. In any case she keeps her head … and gloves on.