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MLS: Montreal lost 2-0 to White Cubs and suffered a first setback this season

MLS: Montreal lost 2-0 to White Cubs and suffered a first setback this season


Montreal Football Club is experiencing its first disturbing moment in the Major League Soccer season. Or at least disturbing, the feeling that Wilfred Nancy said he also felt in the face of the famine that continued on Saturday.

Montreal suffered its first loss of the 2021 season, losing 2-0 to Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday afternoon at Rio Tinto Stadium in Utah.

Christian Dagome scored two goals by Whitecaps, both in the second half against Clement Diop. Dagome’s first goal came from a penalty kick, and the second was awarded by the Montreal team in similar circumstances this season.

Montreal (1-1-2) had hoped to play their fourth game in a row without a defeat, a feat Montreal had not achieved since 2018.

After the first half they controlled in terms of possession and attempted shots, Wilfred Nancy’s men nevertheless suffered a second consecutive lockdown and are now eliminated in the last 228 minutes of play.

After the first 132 minutes of play, the Montreal paintball team scored six goals. They are still at six goals.

Also, in their last two matches, Montreal have directed 36 shots at their rival goalkeepers, but only seven are on target.

Finn Laci Lapalainen entered the game in the 58th minute of play, and he thought he finished this goal-free streak in the 89th minute before the video assistant referee prevented him from scoring the first goal of the season, after the ball hit Eric Hurtado’s arm. The opponent’s penalty area.

Nancy admitted that she worries about the lack of final touches about the rival network.

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“I still have to be fair, we create chances. Now you have to make it happen, especially the really clear and clear opportunities. Today, if we realize one of the chances we had in the first half, it is not the same match. (…) Men. We are aware of this. We are working in front of the target, and now, we need to make the right signal at the right time. “

Like last week, midfielder Samuel Pitt was on the sidelines at the start of the match while striker Bjorn Johnson was named the starting player for the first time this season.

At a videoconference in the middle of the week, Piet admitted that his right foot injury, which occurred in the opening match against Toronto FC, had not fully healed. The injury had kept him out of facing Columbus last Saturday. However, Piette explained that he was training with teammates and that he was available to counter Whitecaps.

Meanwhile, Zachary Brault Gillard, who was an unconfirmed case after being injured in the leg against Columbus, was not in uniform. Clement Paiha, who replaced him in the 55th minute on Saturday, started the game on the right line before Matteo Choyner replaced him in the 58th minute.

This was the first of three consecutive matches in eight days for Wilfred Nancy’s side. The Montreal team will return to their temporary home in Fort Lauderdale, but in the club’s visiting role against Inter Miami on Wednesday.

Slow start to the game

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The duel between CF Montreal and Whitecaps was around 1,300 meters above sea level, and we can’t say that the altitude will raise the bar in the first half.

Especially during the first 20 minutes of play.

The first attacking action worthy of the name came in the 23rd minute by Rommel Koyoto, who was undoubtedly the heaviest player in both camps during the first half of the match.

Honduras, who have been somewhat conservative this season, have tried shots from all angles that proved inaccurate. He also orchestrated the best chance to score in that first half, in the 29th minute of playing in a two-on-one breakup with Johnson.

After accepting Quioto’s superb pass, Johnsen found himself completely alone in the box, but saw Crépeau save nicely by jumping to his left.

From this part of the duel, we can see CF Montreal control the ball and the game more and more to the point of collecting eight shots at Crépeau in the first 45 minutes of play, but only one on target.

Meanwhile, Clement Diop had another quiet afternoon, as he didn’t have to save a single ball for the third in a row.

That streak came to an abrupt end in the 57th minute when Dagumi scored a self-inflicted penalty when defender Kamal Miller missed him, perhaps unnecessarily, in the penalty area.

This was the first time that Montreal had suffered from a deficit in the game this season and were unable to close this gap, which increased after Dagome’s second goal in the 71st minute after a corner kick.

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“I wasn’t very happy with the first half because we didn’t do what we used to do with the ball in terms of movement and speed. We started doing it in the 30th minute, Nancy analyzed.”

“We had a good discussion with the players and they started the second half well and managed to dominate the match. Then this goal came. I knew we still had plenty of time, but the second goal came very soon. Again, I think we had chances. To score and come back, but we didn’t make that day. “