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MLS: Mason Toye presents Summit East to CF Montreal

MLS: Mason Toye presents Summit East to CF Montreal

SEATTLE – Mason Toye scored his first two MLS goals in nearly 11 months and was Montreal’s prized star with a 2-1 victory over the Seattle Sounders on Wednesday night at Lumens Field.

Coach Wilfried Nancy appointed him as the starting player, and Toei thanked him in the most beautiful way by moving the ropes first in the 18th minute, then in the 62nd minute.

On each occasion, Toei hit the goal after passes from Kei Kamara.

“Kei was great. He was amazing today. He made things so easy for me. It’s really nice to be able to play with him,” Toei said.

After the match, Toei also highlighted the contribution of another group of players.

β€œIt’s really hard to get three points in Seattle in this league and we got there. It was an incredible team effort. The linebackers were the man of the match. Everyone in the defensive unit was fantastic.”

By far the Sounders’ most threatening player, Jordan Morris, at the start of the first half scored the only goal against Sebastian Briza, who was particularly vigilant late in the game.

With this victory, Montreal (9-6-2) climbed to the top of the Eastern Region rankings.

Montreal’s total is 29 points, the same as Philadelphia Union’s, but two more wins give it an edge in the tiebreak.

Also, that victory allowed him to launch a short two-game trip to the US West Coast in positive terms everyone said was going to be tough, with a layover in Seattle and a Monday night duel against LA Galaxy.

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“We wanted to put in a good performance to allow us to win and that’s what we did today,” Nancy pointed out.


“It was up to us to play our game, play a good game and that’s what the guys did for 70 minutes. After that, we had some difficulty, of course, even a lot of difficulty to hold on, but we made it and I’m very happy for the players. The guys were very good at the game, offensively. And defensively,” the Montreal coach also analyzed.

The first half of the quality

From the first minute to the 45th minute of play, the Montreal Football Club produced one of its best performances in the first half of 2022.

During this first half, on the grounds of a team that had had their full potential for a few weeks and played a fifth straight game at home, Wilfried Nancy’s troopers controlled the ball more than 57 percent of the time. And they fired seven shots at the ball. Goalkeeper Stefan Frey compares two to the Sounders at Breza.

The only negative moment in this first half for Montreal came during the third minute of play.

Morris took advantage of a long pass from Christian Roldan to appear in the penalty area, and although he was closely watched by Mathieu Chouiner, he beat Brezza with a low shot into the lower left corner.

But after about 15 minutes, Toei put both teams back into square one with a fine left-footed shot into the right corner of the opponent’s net after a two-way push with Kamara.

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For Toei, it was his first MLS goal since August 4, 2021 against Atlanta United.

The most consistent Sounders were on the way back from the locker room, and tested Roldan Breza with an embarrassing shot from the penalty area, which Breza was able to block.

After such an enjoyable start to the Sounders’ second half, CF Montreal’s players reclaimed their colors and, above all, the lead in the game.

Once again, the Camara-Toy duo combined their efforts, and Toei scored his second goal in the Montreal uniform by converting an accurate pass from his new partner behind Frei.

With nearly 30 minutes left to negotiate, the Montreal team responded well to the attacks of its opponents and continued to begin its journey on the American West Coast.