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MLB: Shohei Ohtani fails to get fans going in Oakland

Los Angeles Angels star Shohei Otiani picked up where he left off in the World Baseball Classic on Thursday, except for few people to watch his prowess in the home of the Oakland Athletics.

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They risk again this season by struggling on the tables and their opening home match, which they won 2 to 1, does not bode well. Certainly it was easy to notice the empty seats at the time of the players’ pre-match introduction: a crowd of 26,805 was expected to visit the MVP at the recent Classic.

In 2022, the Athletics entertained an average of 9,849 people to their home games, a total of 787,902 people on average, and due to the dilapidation of their stadium, they have been the subject of transfer rumors for several years.

“I think the Oakland mayor went to great lengths to try to make it work in Oakland. It just didn’t look like it would work,” Major League Commissioner Rob Manfred said in late October on the “Mad Dog Unleashed” podcast. I think the A’s maneuvered cautiously to explore a Las Vegas alternative, because He’s not moving forward in Auckland. I think they should look for a replacement.”

still bright

Back at Otani, he edged out on the mound, recording 10 hits in six innings. He conceded just two goals and three assists to leave with the lead. However, reliever Aaron Loeb ruined it by giving up two runs in the bottom of the eighth.

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On offense, the Japanese had three hits at bats, as well as getting a free pass. He sat third in the offensive role, and was hit twice at the plate.