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MLB: Hit the ball in the right elbow, Alec Manoah leaves the Blue Jays

MLB: Hit the ball in the right elbow, Alec Manoah leaves the Blue Jays

TORONTO – Willy Castro fired the ball over the fence in the sixth inning to help the Detroit Tigers to a 4-2 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday.

Jays player Alec Manoah (11-5) allowed seven strokes and four in five and a third before being knocked out with a bruised right elbow.

Tiger’s second baseman Jonathan Scope hit the ball and it went straight to Manoah’s right elbow. Ice Guys fell to his knees.

Although Manoah requested to remain in the game, he was removed because he was “close to the end of his game anyway,” according to Jays interim manager John Schneider.

Manoh took an x-ray after the match but it came back negative.

“Honestly, I didn’t think I needed an X-ray, but hey, you know, they wanted to do it as a precaution,” said Manoah, who didn’t have ice on his arm during interviews. Who even tapped his wound multiple times.

“Everything was negative, everything is fine. He indicated that I would return to service in five days.

Relief pitchers Tim Maiza, David Phelps, Anthony Banda and Max Castillo stopped the Tigers’ attack next.

Matt Chapman hit Homer solo for the Torontonians. Raimel Tapia led in another Jays race (55-45) alone.

Victor Reyes scored a double that produced a run for the Tigers (41-60). Harold Castro also led one point for the Michigan team.

Brian Garcia allowed two runs and three runs in three innings and thirds. Hit three hits.

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Will Fist (3-2), Jason Foley, Joe Jimenez, Michael Vollmer and Gregory Soto were relieved.

George Springer, who left Thursday’s game in pain, did not play Friday’s game with the Jays. Teammate Bo Bichette did not start the game, but was used as an emergency racket in the ninth inning. Shortstop Pechet was injured on Thursday in a collision with Louis Gouriel Jr.

Ross Stripling (5-3) will start the game Saturday afternoon against the Tigers. Former Geez player Drew Hutchison (1-4) will be on the mound for visitors.