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MLB: George Springer's Grand Slam gives the Blue Jays their seventh straight win

MLB: George Springer’s Grand Slam gives the Blue Jays their seventh straight win

TORONTO – Working with the full count and rules loaded in the sixth inning, George Springer realized he had done something positive when he hit the fast ball that landed on Junior Fernandes.

Springer thought he’d get at least a single, but instead grabbed his seventh Grand Slam of his career to help the Toronto Blue Jays beat the St. Louis Cardinals 10-3 on Tuesday night.

“I knew it would at least fall into fairway,” Springer said. This is interesting. This is an important moment, to give us the lead by a few points. For this kind of thing we like to do this sport. »

Vladimir Guerrero Jr hit Homer from two runs in the first half, and Alejandro Kirk added a single slap. Matt Chapman led in two rounds for the Blue Jays (54-43), which took a seventh straight win.

The Toronto team put up 68 points during their winning streak, including a 28-5 correction over the Boston Red Sox on Friday. Springer believes Blue Jays players have learned to relax.

“I think you’re starting to see us do a little bit less as a team,” Springer said. It’s board after board and they have men hitting and running. »

Jose Perrios allowed three runs, seven hits, and two walks in five and two innings of action. Devotees Tim Maiza, David Phelps (1-2), Max Castillo and Jeremy Beasley searched the Cardinals for the rest of the match.

“I was just trying to reassemble and get quality shots. I did, Prius noted. Some of the rounds were more difficult, but I gave my team a chance to win.”

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Dylan Carlson hit Homer solo in the first half and added one replay song for the Cardinals (51-47).

Cardinal clerk André Balante allowed three runs and seven strokes in four runs on the hill. Jordan Hicks, Fernandez and TJ McFarland came in relief and Hicks beat the loss after giving up four runs.

Guerrero gave the Blue Jays a 2-1 lead at the bottom of the first half at home 21 of the season. After five hits, Chapman added a run on one song that sent Bo Pechette home.

A series of singles helped the Cardinals tie it 3-3 in the third inning. Toronto’s defense maintained that score.

Bichette put in a great display in the fourth inning, grabbing a ground ball from Corey Dickerson with his bare hands before throwing the ball to first base. In fifth, Santiago Espinal denied second baseman Tyler O’Neal an injury while jumping and doubled Tommy Edman at first base for doubles play.

“There was a little bit of momentum in our favor at the time,” Blue Jays coach John Schneider said of playing Espinal. He has been successful in this type of game since the beginning of the year. »

Chapman returned the lead to the Blue Jays single-handedly in the sixth inning. Espinal and Cavan Biggio then plotted the bases on tracks to fill in the bases after two naysayers. Springer followed his major championships.

Kirk added more in the next round, starting in the seventh round with a solo homer. Espinal hit one run to let the Blue Jays reach the ten.

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