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MLB - Baseball: Amazing return for the Blue Jays in the opening match

MLB – Baseball: Amazing return for the Blue Jays in the opening match

The Toronto Blue Jays got off to the 2022 season off to a stunning start on Friday after returning with seven points over the Texas Rangers in a 10-8 win over Rogers Center in Toronto.

Jose Perrios allowed four first-half runs, including a home run to Brad Miller on the fourth court of the game. Rangers added to Homer’s second-half lead from Mitch Garver off Tyler Sosedo. The visitors’ seventh inning came from Nathaniel Lowe’s song at the top of the fourth inning.

That’s when Torontonians woke up. Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. opened the Jeez record in 2022 with a single that propelled George Springer to the top. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. both led. And Alejandro Kirk also one round before the break to cut the difference to 7-3. Guerrero came back strong with one more run in the fifth before Teoscar Hernandez pulled away. Thanks to the three-point long ball.

And they tied the match, and the two teams exchanged a point in the sixth and seventh game thanks to the Santiago Espinal double and the Adulis Garcia singles circuit. Moments after Homer Garcia, Goriel Jr. scored a goal that brought Hernandez home. Hernandez was initially disqualified, but the Blue Jays challenge proved he got to the plate before hitting the catcher.

Toronto added the 10th inning at Danny Janssen late in the eighth to complete a fantastic comeback and start the season with a win.

It was the Jays’ first home opener game in Toronto since the 2019 season. The Blues Jays played the entire 2020 season and most of the 2021 campaign in the United States due to COVID-19.

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“It was a really special moment,” Hernandez said of the win in front of the fans. I don’t think a single player will forget what happened today. »

“We always knew it was going to be this crazy from the start,” he added. We’re just excited to come back and share all those moments with fans. »

From 0-7 to 7-7, the Jays are back!

Goriel Jr. and all his intensity in ninth place!