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MLB: Astros exploded in the ninth inning to defeat Red Sox 9-2, series tied 2-2

MLB: Astros exploded in the ninth inning to defeat Red Sox 9-2, series tied 2-2


BOSTON – Jose Altuve scored the equalizer in the eighth inning and woke up Houston’s attack by seven games in the ninth on Tuesday night as the Astros came from behind to defeat the Boston Red Sox 9-2.

The American Championship Series is tied with two victories on each side.

“It’s now a three-game streak with two home games,” Altuve said after the match.

In a streak dominated by attack, particularly in Boston, the two teams traded in the first inning, then both shooters scored six straight zeros on the Fenway Prak scoreboard before Altuve raced home for eighth.

Carlos Correa scored a double and scored in Jason Castro’s singles after two hits in the ninth game. But this was just the start for Houston, which has seen Boston intimidate its bowlers with ten runs at home since the start of the series, including a record three majors in two games.

That’s what they’ve been doing to us throughout this entire series,” said Dusty Baker, Astros director. We are able to do that too. “

After Alex Bergman hit a solo race in the Green Monster seats in the first half, Xander Bogaerts continued sending a ball into Lansdowne Street to give the Red Sox a 2-1 lead.

Then the bowlers took matters into their own hands: It was 2-1 when Altuve opened the eighth inning with a game against Garrett Whitlock.

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Match two winner Nathan Evaldi made his first comfortable appearance since returning from injury in 2019. He finished ninth and awarded Correa a double. With two hitters and two guys on the tracks, Castro hit one to let Korea score and put Houston ahead.

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The Astros continued to score.

Michael Brantley got a double with three points. Yordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker also produced points.

“We knew that against this team we had to increase the lead,” Becker said. And we did. “

The Red Sox, who were the first team in history to hit more than 10 straight strokes in the playoffs, had only made five on Tuesday.

Evaldi suffered the defeat and allowed four points. And Houston’s fifth pitcher Kendall Grafman fired Schulten from hits for the win.

Bogaerts immediately responds to the Astros