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Mixing AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines increases the immune response sixfold!

Mixing AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines increases the immune response sixfold!

Diagram of vaccination in a doseAstraZeneca Followed by a dose of Pfizer / BioNTech increases the levelneutralizing antibodies By six compared to two doses of AstraZeneca, a new, unpublished South Korean study relayed by Reuters. Patients who received two doses of Pfizer On the other hand it has a levelantibody Similar to the mixed vaccination schedule.

This result confirms the results of several other studies. in June, British study (in pre-release), for example, showed that an injection of AstraZeneca followed by Pfizer resulted in a better response to lymphocytes T from all other combinations. Another study conducted in Spain In May also reports a “significantly increased” immune response compared to the control group (after receiving only one dose of AstraZeneca).

Quite logical conclusion from an immunological point of view: “ frequent doses of Vaccines Based onglandular Like the ones from Oxford-AstraZeneca tend to be less effective, because immune system Develops a response against the adenovirus itself “,” Daniel Altman explains, immunology inImperial College from London. In addition, the two technologies stimulate a different immune response: Vaccines like AstraZeneca are known to stimulate so-called killer T cells, which destroy infected cells. the messenger RNA vaccinesThey are good for antibody production “,” Notes Pierre SalioAnd Assistant Professor in Val-de-Grâce and specializes in vaccination.

On the other hand, the injection Vaccines booster for ARN They tend to cause more side effects (see our previous article below), although they are mild.

Confusion between Pfizer and Moderna vaccines increases side effects

Article by Celine DeLosarch On 05/20/2021

As a result of rare cases of clotsPeople under 55 years of age Vaccinated with AstraZeneca They were asked to switch to the RNA vaccine for their second dose in France. Article published in scalpel I considered this strategy, which has not yet been the subject of any studies on its efficacy and safety. Verdict: The vaccine mixture, even if it turns out to be completely safe for health, stands out side effects.

The Oxford University study included 830 patients who were vaccinated according to four schedules: AstraZeneca followed by Pfizer, Pfizer followed by AstraZeneca or just one or the other. 34% of patients reported receiving a dose of AstraZeneca followed by Pfizer Fever After the second injection, compared to 10% of those who took AstraZeneca only. People who have had multiple vaccinations also experience more fatigue, headaches, and Diarrhea. Fortunately the effects are temporary but require further investigation, according to the researchers.

In April, it was Supreme Health Authority He has seen that the vaccination schedule is of a type” head batch Heterogeneous “(consisting of mixing vaccines) was” More effective than identical primary augmentation approaches (exactly identical injections) in phase 1 and 2 studies in humans. Perhaps one way to justify continuing Book AstraZeneca for more than 55 seconds, while its use was extended to all adults in Germany, boosting the vaccination campaign.

Can we mix vaccines against Covid-19?

Article by Emma Hollin Posted on 01/22/2021

With the arrival of life-saving vaccination campaigns, Many questions arise. When can I get the vaccine? Do I really need two doses? Can I get a first dose of one vaccine and a second dose of another vaccine? To this last question, health authorities provide an accurate answer. where is the Center for Disease Control Vaccines controlled by the United States Pfizer and Moderna are not interchangeable, English officials, believe that Pfizer and AstraZeneca – the two main formulas distributed in the country – could be used in a supplemental way if necessary.

« Every effort must be made to give [aux patients] the same vaccineAnd Mary Ramsay saysresponsible for vaccinations, But when that is not possible, it is better to give them a second dose of another vaccine than not to give them any at all. Although different techniques are used, both Pfizer and AstraZeneca formulas stimulate an immune response against protein from climax SARS-CoV-2Which leads the authorities to consider the combination of the two as low risk. However, on the part of the researchers, if the proposal of the English authorities is likely to succeed, the strength at the moment is the recognition of the lack of data on the subject. Therefore, experts recommend at all costs to avoid mixtures until further studies are carried out: Proving that with a vaccine, you can do nothing !

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