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Mixed reception of vaccine passport at restaurant owners in Quebec

Mixed reception of vaccine passport at restaurant owners in Quebec

The vaccination passport, which is mandatory to enjoy a meal in a restaurant, is still far from unanimous among restaurants in Quebec, because most believe they “already have enough to administer” with the sanitary measures in place.

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“We really have to manage the customer list, request their addresses, enforce spacing, manage employees and customers.” “All customers want to come and eat at the restaurant,” says Mario Bernardo, co-owner of Montego Restaurant.

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“It is more important for all restaurants to respect sanitary rules than a vaccination passport,” said Evan Waddell, assistant general manager at Archibald St. Foy.

Fabio Monti, owner of L’Atelier and Ophélia, agrees, adding that such a measure would not be “ethical”.

” good idea “

On the other hand, some restaurant owners view this positively, saying that such a measure could encourage residents to get vaccinated.

Such is the case for Yanick Parent, owner of La Bûche, Bello and Don Végane. According to him, only access to restaurants for people who have been vaccinated would be a “good idea”. “People who are doing their duty as citizens, and who are being vaccinated, can now go out and start living again,” he says. “It can softly give a ray of hope,” he continues.

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Owner Resto Délice de Lévis also prefers the vaccination passport for her clients, but in the long run. “We will need it in the future, to travel for example, but in the short term, it’s not possible.” You have to run its course, we can’t skip stages, “says Marie Litorno.

QR code

If implemented, the passport should be “simple and easy to use”, other restaurant owners argue. As for the passport [vaccinal] By itself, I’m a little mixed up […] “This shouldn’t be frustrating for some clients that won’t get it,” says Vanessa Roberg, owner of Tapas & Liège.

MI Roberts is less keen on the idea of ​​using a QR code, as he mentioned Tuesday at a press conference by Minister Christian Dube. “The QR code is really a heavy thing for a customer. Not all customers feel comfortable with their phones,” she notes, adding that this also applies to employees.

– With Elsa Alexander

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