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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross GT 2022: efficiency before excess

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross GT 2022: efficiency before excess

Life on board

The update also affected some internal features, most notably that the annoying touchpad for navigating the multimedia system has been completely eliminated. Now everything can be processed directly on the screen, which feels good, because the commands respond well, and the system software is fast. Admittedly, its interface appears to date back to another decade, but it remains highly efficient, allowing us to quickly find the necessary functions, while quickly connecting, in my case, to Android Auto.

The seats on the GT model we tested were exceptionally comfortable and supportive. I also liked the location of the controls, both on the steering wheel and on the center console. Everything is well placed and within easy reach, including the controls for the side cameras that are activated by a small button on the steering wheel. There are also USB sockets that are well placed under the air conditioning controls.

However, this interior lacks modernity. For example, there is no wireless inductive charging, panoramic roof, or fully digital display options for the Eclipse Cross. I was also surprised by the lack of storage, especially for the phone. Mitsubishi only offers a very small storage case which turns out to be quite small, even for an old Samsung Galaxy S8.

However, the rear seat space is ample, even if the front seats are modified for a tall person. This is a slight improvement over its predecessor. This results in excellent knee and head clearance. The seat is also reclined, making it easy to find what you need. The Eclipse Cross is narrow, however, and limits space for three adults in the back seat. We also note the lack of USB ports.

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However, the Eclipse Cross is improving in terms of total cargo space, that is, when the seat backs are folded, we go from 1,385 liters to 1,418. That’s fine, but Mitsubishi is still blocked by Kia Seltos (1,778 liters) and Nissan Qashqai (1730) Liters) in this regard.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross GT 2022