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Mission accomplished for Bruno Blanchett

Mission accomplished for Bruno Blanchett

Bruno Blanchett had set out on a whim on an adventure that required to say the least, but the actor accepted the challenge by traveling the 279 kilometers to reach his destination, at Bas Saint Laurent.

It took Bruno Blanchett less than five days to complete the fearsome challenge.

His project aroused real enthusiasm among his subscribers on social networks. He announced on his Facebook page that he would take on this terrible challenge.

“I had four days off and thought I was going around in circles a lot. Instead, I told myself, for four days, I’m going to run in a straight line, I’m going to finish at the pick and I’m going to catch up with my friend Guy Goodwin!” told comedian Bruno Blanchett, who would benefit from his stay at Bass Saint Laurent to participate in the “Beautiful Tour”, filmed in Peak National Park.

More than 40 people cheered him on his arrival, including many who accompanied him as they escaped during his journey.

Passing through Levis, Rivières du Loup and Trois Pistol, he made his way back to Eastern Quebec, a moment he was looking forward to.

“Here, we love the scenery, the food, the people, the welcome, the party, and we also like to see people come out to their balconies to greet us. It relaxes us. We know we can come together and gather around projects,” the actor and author supported us, proud of the challenge accomplished.