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Missile day

Missile day

Laval’s rocket was less intense than it had been the day before, as his attack came against goalkeeper Jakob Skarek, bowing to the 3-0 count in front of the islanders in Bridgeport on Sunday afternoon.

The Montreal Canadiens school club suffered a second failure in five games this season. He had defeated the Bruins of Providence the day before in his first US duel since March 6, 2000.

Wing Anatoly Golyshev damaged the missile with a prop. He opened the scoring midway through the match, before coming out early in the third half. For his part, former Habs hockey player Chris Terry decided the match by pushing the puck into an abandoned cage less than two minutes from the end of the match.

On a lost cause, Kayden Primo didn’t have to be ashamed of his performance, even though he suffered his first fiasco in three rounds. And he saved 35 times, notably frustrating Eric Brown when he broke up late in the first half.

Laval was not able to take advantage of two strength-playing advantages. The team has challenged Skarek 31 times in the last 40 minutes, with a total of 37 shots per match. Gabriel Burke and Jean-Sebastian Dea were the most threatening with five bullets each.

Coach Jean-Francois Houle’s squad will play three times at Place Belle this week. The Toronto Marlies will host the Maple Leafs on Wednesday before a double-faced showdown against the Rochester Americans on Friday and Saturday. In the northern section, only Utica comets are undefeated, and they have six points.

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