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Mining farm with 3800 PS4 Pro running on FIFA

Mining farm with 3800 PS4 Pro running on FIFA

Last week, Ukrainian police dismantled an illegal mining farm containing 500 graphics cards, but mostly 3800 PS4 Pro. The owners appeared to be illegally connected to the nearby power plant, but the consumption soon caused officials to waver and alert the authorities.

image rights: Action

If my 500 graphics card is perfectly normal in this type of installation, having a 3800 PS4 Pro made us tick. Given the age of these controllers, it’s hard to be profitable, as even with 3,800 the gains will be less than the electricity costs.

Except that in the end the PS4 3800 was not used for cryptocurrency mining according to the Ukrainian site Action, As mentioned Kotaku, but to control the bot teams in FIFA that subsequently collected game money for later resale. The Electronic Arts title already requires play somewhat excessivelySo, ScudzTV showed that it takes over 22,000 hours of gameplay to truly build a dream team. So it is clear that there are other facilities of this kind, and it is relatively easy to find players or teams in FIFA, which is evidence that the demand is high.

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