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Mike Ward has called on the Artists Union to “eat his ass” and has the support of many public figures

Comedian Mike Ward once again finds himself in turmoil.

Indeed, according to revelations by journalist Etienne Barry At Le Devoir on Wednesdaythe union representing Quebec artists and popular podcast host under listening She had been at odds for several months.

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Reason for the dispute: The union organization wants Ward to pay his podcast guests according to established standards.

However, on the comedian’s part, it’s hard to understand why he’s the only one targeted in this way, especially given that Diouf under listening They get paid well.

Why attack us, when we already pay our guests, even if we don’t get subsidies? In particular, Mike Ward’s manager Michel Grenier said, “At the same time, the big players on private radio, who have a lot more resources, don’t even pay the artists.” duty.

After the news was published on Wednesday, the concerned manager’s reaction was eagerly awaited.

It arrived Thursday, at 2:08 p.m. to be exact, on social media and will go down in history as a great example of what not to do in conflict resolution.

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“On tour, Sous Listening guests will receive $1,500 per show. At the Videotron Center we will pay them $3,000 each,” Mike Ward wrote on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On the tour, Sous Listening guests will receive $1,500 per show. At the Videotron Center we’ll pay them $3,000 each. All this to say that the Union of Artists – UDA can eat my ass.

posted by Mike Ward on Thursday, April 13, 2023

The coolest thing is that on each of these platforms, famous personalities are showing him support.

Screenshot / Facebook Mike Ward

Alexandre Champagne even commented on Facebook and Instagram.

Screenshot/Instagram Mike Ward

Screenshot / Facebook Mike Ward

In the end, it is probably Ward’s excellent technique which will allow him to attract a certain amount of sympathy which in turn will ensure that the pressure will mount on the UDA and that he will back off.


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