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Mike Ward creates a public surprise on a live stream from Stefan Vallow's world

Mike Ward creates a public surprise on a live stream from Stefan Vallow’s world

Weekly, live from the universe She managed to surprise not only the guests, but also the audience, and that was the case again this week thanks to an artist we didn’t even suspect existed…nothing but Mike Ward!

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Last Saturday, the comedian came to foot the bill for his great longtime friend, Stephane Vallow, who was very surprised to see the cast oflive from the universe He succeeded in convincing him. He couldn’t hold back his tears when he saw him set foot on stage.

Remember that France Beaudoin has decided to introduce her world to the host of Animal Refuge after being quickly removed from the show Celebrity Big Brother A few days later, I entered the adventure after everyone else because of a positive Covid test.

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And if Stephen Vallow is surprised to see Mike Ward appear in live from the universethe audience, astonished to discover the vocal capabilities of the comedy.

In fact, if we trust social networks, his classic performance Thank God By Leonard Cohan, he has not only admired many, but also influenced many!

Here are some of the comments blocked on social media following Mike Ward’s performance:

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We know that Mike Ward has been very, very rare on TV for a few years, so we doubt his presence was a great gift for Stephen Vallow, because they are so close. Furthermore, Mike is the godfather of Stefan’s son, Arthur.

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