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Mike Ward corrects some of the remarks made by the producer of Y'a du monde à Mass

Mike Ward corrects some of the remarks made by the producer of Y’a du monde à Mass

at recent days , Montreal Journal Published a behind-the-scenes article on the show There are people in the block.

The journalist asked some questions to the content producer, Annie Spencer.

Comedian Mike Ward shared an excerpt from the article that read: It never occurred to me that a well-known figure would tell us no. On the contrary, we regularly get calls from agents who tell us that their artists want to come to the show. »

The comedian writes: I shouldn’t have known, I’ve been telling them no for 4 years. »

It must be said that Mike Ward refuses to participate in most TV shows today. Iexplains his decision.

He still had some twists and turns of his judgment. He recently did it for his friend Stephane Vallow. More details here.

He also recently told the podcaster that he had agreed to participate in The Mary Lynne Juncas Show, but it was too late… Learn more here.

Remember that the new season of There are people in the block Just started in Télé-Québec. In the coming weeks, Christian Begin will receive, among others, Marc-Andre Grondin, Michel Richard, François Loutourneau and Marie-Yves Janvier.

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