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Mika ignites the center of Bell

Mika ignites the center of Bell

Singer Mica renewed his love for Quebec City on Monday night while visiting the Bell Center on his tour for spring rituals.

He didn’t go through all four paths to start celebrations: an explanation for his huge success sucker The spectators were thrilled.

The evening was eagerly awaited by the thousands of people huddled in the amphitheater. The sick artist, who holds British, American and Lebanese citizenship, was forced to postpone the concert scheduled for April 9. However, he introduced the appetizer to Quebec by participating in the final star AcademySunday.

As a well-rounded veteran of the scene, Mika gave his fans exactly what they expected when they broke the bank: a series of earworms rendered with grotesqueness and theatrical flair.

Relax (take it easy), Grace Kelly, you told me : The 38-year-old singer hasn’t overlooked any of his classics, including the basic boom boom boomin a duet with Ariane Moffat.

However, we can guess that the spectators who took more modest seats were disappointed to learn that the giant screens in the hall did not work. Unless they had exceptional vision, most of those present were rarely able to detect Mika’s facial features.

“Center the bell without a screen is difficult for the people behind it. We will do something,” he said before crossing the floor while explaining big girl.

Fortunately, his uncontrollable energy and charisma transcend blindness. Dressed in a pink suit, accompanied by light music and musicians in the background, Mika turned all the lights on to his stage performance, a challenge he rose to with flying colors.

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Chloe Belgaj sets the table

Mica chose no artist just to warm up the Bill Center boards: singer-songwriter Chloe Belgaj.

With their broad soundboard and colorful universe, we can trace the obvious similarities between the two heroes of the evening.

The quirky singer this time opted for a sober décor, accompanied by musicians all in white lab coats, who expressed herself with the help of her moving melodies and her rock rides.

Mica tour for spring rituals It will stop in Quebec on April 27 and Saguenay on April 28.