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Mignon has been exempted from the tournament in Australia and has been at Clairefontaine since Wednesday

Mignon has been exempted from the tournament in Australia and has been at Clairefontaine since Wednesday

France goalkeeper Mike Mignon (28), who is currently suffering from a finger injury, will not travel to Australia for the friendly against AC Milan. The former Lille player will be in the Blues crowd to prepare for the Euros in Clarion on Wednesday.

Exemption from traveling to the end of the world. According to Team And Parisian, Mike Mignon (28) has received the green light from AC Milan to sit out the club's mini-tour of Australia this week. The goalkeeper was unable to play in Saturday's last match against Salernitana (3-3) after suffering a finger injury during training on Thursday. And if his injury wasn't a cause for concern, he postponed his return to competition after a month due to a muscle injury. He has not played since the defeat against Inter Milan on April 22 (1-2).

Giroud and Hernandez will travel to Australia

Under the terms, the Lombard club have agreed to release their player and exempt him from Friday's friendly against AS Roma in Perth. The former PSG and Lille player will join the French squad for Euro 2024 in Clairefontaine from Wednesday, the date of his first arrival at the site.

His partners at AC Milan, Olivier Giroud and Theo Hernandez, will make the very long trip to Australia for the meeting for marketing and business purposes. This meeting, scheduled after a tiring season and occupying the start of production, did not make Didier Deschamps happy.

“They don't play, they travel too far,” the coach scolded when the roster was announced on May 16. “Five days, 24 hours in one direction, 24 hours in the other. But these are the opening dates of FIFA (June 3).

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“I won't hide from you that they are less likely to be worried by the first match,” he added, referring to the Blues' first friendly scheduled against Luxembourg at Metz on June 5. Missing out on the Australian tour, Mignon could find playing time ahead of the Euros.

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