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Microsoft will eventually not block installation on older PCs

Windows 11 will eventually be able to install on older PCs. Microsoft will not prevent users from installing the operating system on devices that do not meet the minimum requirements. On the other hand, the company warns of malfunctions.

Credit: Microsoft

to install Windows 11Your computer should have 4GB of RAM, 64GB of disk space and above all a 64-bit processor. So far, Microsoft has also required that the computer be powered by at least an 8th generation Intel processor. Finally, the software publisher pointed this out Intel Core X, Xeon W, and Intel Core 7820Q processors also supported.

Most importantly, Microsoft requires it The computer that wants to install Windows 11 is equipped with a TPM chip (Trusted platform unit). The TPM chip attached to the motherboard protects your computer from external attacks by isolating sensitive data.

Microsoft recommends that you do not install Windows 11 on older PCs

After questioning our colleagues at The Verge, Microsoft has finally reconsidered its positions. The company will not prevent users from installing the operating system On older computers without a TPM chip. In the face of users’ grumbling, Microsoft has turned this restriction into a simple recommendation. Therefore, users can upgrade their computers at their own risk. Microsoft does not guarantee that the drivers are compatible or that the operating system will function correctly.

Specifically, Microsoft will only check the minimum system requirements when installing Windows 11 Through Windows Update. If you are Install the operating system through the ISO fileNo component checks will be performed. In fact, computers without TPM chips will be able to switch to Windows 11 freely. The publisher specifies that the ISO file will be available for free download on their official website. On the other hand, the company is careful not to recommend this method of installation.

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“Devices that did not meet the minimum requirements reported 52% more failures”Microsoft warns in a blog post. Conversely, computers that meet Microsoft’s hardware requirements avoid failure in 99.8% of cases. What do you think of the publisher’s approach? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

Source : the edge