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Microsoft wants to add ads to some Xbox games

Microsoft is said to be considering letting advertisers insert ads into free Xbox games. This program will be launched by the third quarter of this year, and it may not appeal to players.

While Xbox consoles currently only allow advertising on their consoles’ home screen, Business Insider reports that Microsoft wants to work with ad technology companies to create a system that allows brands and advertisers to purchase and post ads in free Xbox games.

In-game ads are currently limited because developers have to integrate them during game development or as in-game content after launch. However, Microsoft’s software will allow game creators Determine certain places in the game where ads can appearfor example on billboards in a racing game.

TheThe discussions about this seem to have started a few years ago, But it has accelerated in recent years due to the release of Xbox Series X and S, as well as the popularity of free games. You can furthermore Discover our selection of the top 10 free games on Xbox.

Paid games will not be affected by advertising

According to Business Insider’s sources, Only free-to-play games like Fortnite can accommodate ads. It remains to be seen if advertisers will be willing to accept this idea, and how feasible that will be for them Customize their ads according to the players. So such an addition could raise questions about protecting the privacy of gamers, who may not appreciate whether Microsoft will spy on their habits.

According to BI sources, Microsoft could implement this feature in the third quarter of this year. It is interesting to note that Microsoft will not want to take a share of advertising revenue at this time, Instead, the revenue is meant to be shared between the game developer and the adtech company. While we wait to learn more, we know that Microsoft is currently working on other new features for the Xbox, such as Xbox Game Pass Family Membership.

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