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Microsoft released the first wave of app redesign

Microsoft released the first wave of app redesign

Applications introduced with Windows 11 will also have the right to work to make it more modern and harmonious.

the Classifieds Ads Banos Banay In fact it was a tease. Microsoft releases a new version of Windows 11 Insider accompanied by the first new applications for the system.

Screenshot and calculator

We are talking here about “inbox” applications, that is, those that are installed with the system and which can even be confused. Thus, the screenshot tool has been redesigned to adopt the Windows 11 interface and permanently integrate it with the drawing tool.

There is also a new version of the calculator, An open source app from Microsoft Which has already gained a lot of functions. Here, the company highlights the integration of highly practical college and high school graphs, particularly for representing and comparing jobs.

Disappointing courier app

The Windows Mail and Calendar app have also been revised, but the changes are very minor. Microsoft is suggesting a new visual style and rounded corners to stick with Windows 11.

We’re still a little hungry for these minor tweaks. The company already offers a better mail management app… on macOS and mobile.

and changes for Windows 11

These new apps are only available for now Insider’s Dev . Channel. But Microsoft is also providing an update for Windows 11 for the Dev Channel and Beta Channel.

Version 22000.132 specifically reintroduces the integrated Microsoft Teams chat to the taskbar. For the rest, it’s mostly a flurry of bug fixes of all kinds. Windows 11 is gaining a lot of traction this summer.

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