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Microsoft plans to introduce add-on badges to the Edge Add-Ons Store

Although Microsoft Edge is far behind in the browser race, many people use it and prefer it over Google Chrome. And as Microsoft Edge usage share continues to grow, the software giant wants to “deliver the best experience for both our users and developers” through add-on badges in the Edge Add-Ons Store (EAS).

Additional badges will be visual stickers and will only be awarded to high-quality extensions in the Edge extension store. This way, Edge users can easily discover quality add-ons in the add-on store. And since visual labels denote quality, the new badge system could also encourage developers to create extensions with best practices in mind.

Microsoft will soon start experimenting with extension badges in the Microsoft Edge Add-Ons store. During the experimentation process, Microsoft will “test different badge designs and placement options to see which are most effective in getting users’ attention and encouraging them to interact with the extension.” The experience allows developers to gain insights into which badge stickers attract the most engagement, which helps them understand how to implement badges in the extension store.

On its community site, Microsoft writing:

The Edge Addons Store will start experimenting with addon badges soon. And we want to build that iteratively along with our developer community. Edge has started with a small experiment and will start engaging with the developer community to discuss standards and help them learn about the badgeping process on EAS.

Microsoft also shared that The Edge’s add-on store catalog has grown to nearly 11,000 add-ons. Edge’s sheer number of add-ons prompted the software giant to plan new badge launches. It will be interesting to see if the developers implement it on their extensions.

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