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Microsoft makes Teams features available to the general public

Microsoft makes Teams features available to the general public

Microsoft manufactures Available to everyone A number of promised “personal” features for Teams. These features will be available for Teams on desktop, web, and mobile devices. Microsoft is also adding new consumer-focused Together Mode scenes for Teams users on desktop and web starting Monday.

Microsoft announced last year Add personal and public features For Teams product on all platforms. Note that there is no separate consumer app in Teams. Microsoft hopes consumers will find Teams a useful productivity tool for managing group events, calendars, text messages and video chats to friends, and setting and tracking chats. Microsoft officials have yet to say that they intend to replace Skype with Teams in the near future.

Among the new features moving into public availability today is the ability to participate in SMS group conversations for those not using Teams. Two-way text messaging is available today in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and partly in the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, and Colombia. Officials said they are taking a “phased” approach to availability of this feature.

Scan option available soon

Officials also said they plan to add a survey feature for the general public for Teams users, which will be available “in the coming weeks.”

The functions of personal teams are Available for free. Anyone with a Professional Teams account can add a personal account directly to it. Those who don’t already have a Teams account can download iOS, Android and / or desktop apps and subscribe or use Teams on any web browser.

With Mainstream Teams, Microsoft allows people to meet one-on-one and talk for up to 24 hours for free. For conference calls, users can meet up to 100 participants for 60 minutes for free. For now, Microsoft is waiving these limits due to the pandemic, and is allowing group chats with 300 participants, for up to 24 hours, for free.

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