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Microsoft Edge: The new version improves support for web applications

Microsoft Edge: The new version improves support for web applications

Microsoft just released version 94 of the Chromium-based Edge browser in the Dev channel. This provides new functionality for PWAs – browser apps that work just like the original apps. Additionally, this Dev Channel release marks the first time Microsoft has released a new version of Edge online with a shorter four-week update cycle from Google.

The latest version 94 supports pop-up downloading in PWAs and sites installed as apps. Edge users can also open local HTML or web files on iPhone and iPad, while WebView2’s new interface lets you launch the browser’s task manager and listen to the browser’s output.

WebView2 helps developers integrate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript web code into native applications, and is part of Microsoft’s effort to unify Win32 and UWP applications with the WinUI 3 user interface framework.

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Other updates to Edge 94 include a management policy to control a setting that allows Web RTC to adhere to the operating system’s routing schedule when enabled. It also re-presents URL suggestions on error pages caused by incorrectly entered web addresses.

Edge 94 also includes a number of fixes for annoying issues, including some antivirus products that prevent Edge from opening. Windows 10 automatically turns on Edge, but users can turn off this behavior in Windows Settings.

The new version of Microsoft’s browser also includes a fix for Edge on Windows 11, where windows are sometimes blank or white, and searching for settings causes the browser to close. In Edge 94, users should find that the efficiency mode is already working and the spelling checker is working at the right time. The US giant also addressed issues with importing passwords from other browsers, errors in Edge on Android and iOS, and connectivity issues with some websites.

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cascading bug fixes

Microsoft is highlighting an old Edge and YouTube bug caused by activating the Adblock extension in Edge, which prevents the browser from paying for YouTube content. “Users of some ad blocking extensions may experience playback errors on YouTube. As a workaround, temporarily canceling the extension should allow continued reading,” notes the Redmond company.

He advised Kaspersky Antivirus users to update their software if they cannot access Gmail via Edge. “Kaspersky Internet Suite users who have installed the associated extension can sometimes see web pages like Gmail that do not load. This failure is due to the fact that the main Kaspersky program is not up to date, and therefore it is corrected by making sure that the latest version is installed.”

According to Windows Latest, version 94 of Microsoft Edge also gains the ability for users to add text to PDF documents opened in the browser. This feature eliminates the need to install PDF software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Along with some fixes, version 94 is almost complete and users can expect it to hit the beta channel soon.

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