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Microsoft blocks the main method of installing Windows 11 without an account, but there is still one trick

Microsoft blocks the main method of installing Windows 11 without an account, but there is still one trick

Are you using a fake address to install Windows 11 without creating an account? I'm sorry to tell you this, but that's no longer possible.

To install Windows, you must provide a Microsoft account and an Internet connection. Two limitations that can sometimes be somewhat annoying. Some have therefore found ways to circumvent these basic requirements, in particular being able to install the system without specifying an account or giving an email address.

Banned addresses trick

The most common trick for this is (or rather was) entering one of the addresses blocked by Microsoft during registration. The list includes, for example, the addresses [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]. Entering one of these addresses with a random password will cause an installation error and result in a local account being created. Practical, right?

Not anymore. With the 24H2 update, Windows 11 no longer allows you to use this trick to trick your installation and access its operating system without providing personal information. In a video by Zach Bowden, a journalist from Windows CentralWe can see that entering such an address returns the email request in a loop.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has patched a flaw at this level because it was previously possible to switch to local account creation by simply ending the process from the Task Manager.

Other solutions are available

This blocked address technique is certainly the easiest to implement, which explains why Microsoft blocked it. However, there are other solutions for those who don't really want to create a Microsoft account when installing Windows 11.

According to Zach Bowden, it is still possible to launch the command guest to bypass this restriction. To do this, you must disconnect from the Internet, and then press Shift+F10 when Windows asks to connect to the network. A window will then open, where you should type “OOBE\BYPASSNRO”. This command then runs the installation and allows you to create a local account. Oof! Now let's hope Microsoft doesn't ban this trick as well.